Guidance to help you young Muslims that fell crazy

Guidance to help you young Muslims that fell crazy

In the adopting the blog post, We target all the Muslims international who are hopelessly crazy about some one. Each of us make mistakes so we is actually fortunate getting Allah just like the the Rabb for He could be Al-Ghaffoor, More Flexible.

By this article, I am hoping so you can make sense off your feelings concerning your person you are in love having. Develop, by the end from it, there’ll be a concept of whom the newest Khadeejah (Could possibly get Allah appreciate their) that you know could be.

Like, as you may know they plus the Shari’ah

If you have ever wondered why brand new Shari’ah prohibits pre-marital matchmaking, it’s because of your exposure they sets the couple for the. In Fiqh, i’ve a concept called “Maqaasid-us-Shari’ah” and therefore “The goals of Shari’ah”. You will find four eg Maqsads, which are:

With regards to protecting a person’s self-respect, we are taboo off entering one pre-relationship relationship. Most people foolishly make an effort to overrule it of the stating you to definitely “ they’re not including the rest” or one to “they are aware their constraints” .

Allah understands that whenever a non-mahram son and you will lady come together, Shaytaan is the third person. Shaytaan lights a fire that can simply be create using intimate closeness. Whether or not some thing never go that far, dating was filled up with low self-esteem and you may too little commitment. How many hearts was basically busted from the being unfaithful people and how of many toddlers features turned so you can drugs and alcohol simply to score along side aches out of a separation? Regarding Their information and his awesome divine like, Allah forbade you away from opposite-gender relationships, except thanks to relationships. Instead of a low-marital relationship, marriage is created into the union, faith, and you can respect. In the a wedding, the happy couple knows that the only method out was breakup, so that they was really hard and come up with something exercise.

Like, even as we do not know they

To show my personal part, let’s travelling back in its history, entirely back to Adam (Comfort getting upon your). He was within the Jannah, however, actually Jannah wasn’t sufficient, instead of somebody to share with you they with. Thus Allah created a miracle to possess humanity – her.

Timely submit millenia off next, to the facts of the finest regarding humankind – Muhammad Ibn Abdullah ?. His first relationship was truth be told a romance-wedding.

Khadeejah (May Allah appreciate the lady) fell in love with so it young man who was simply therefore sincere, upright along with a sense of identity and purpose in his lifestyle. Even if she was an excellent widow, she was a student in love again. She knew this particular try the person she wished to invest the rest of the woman life which have, although he wasn’t due to the fact wealthy otherwise just like the dated as the this lady.

We heard new Prophet (?) saying, ‘ong the women (of the globe out-of her time) and you may Khadija is best within people (with the nation).’

These are simply several off numerous stories one to mirror like inside Islam. What is haram is actually a relationship, however love. Like is halal, but it should be inside the limitations of your Shari’ah. Love is actually a present to have humanity. It new unmarried most effective feeling that will each other build and you can split a man.

Even though you look at the Ibadah, you will only be able to worship Allah ? into the complete prospective after you love Your. You learn to delight in your own identity due to the fact good Muslim when you comprehend just how much The guy likes you. Your take care of and you may manage new Ummah when you like that several other getting Allah’s purpose. Your just be sure to simulate new Prophet ? within his address, their measures, along with his choices as long as you probably like him.

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